"Cracking NEET at 64 - A Testament to Persistence"

Title 2

"Meet Jay Kishore Pradhan, a retired banker who realized his dream of becoming a doctor at 64."

"The rigorous journey to crack NEET: years of dedication and multiple attempts for many candidates."

"Cracking NEET at 64 in 2020: An extraordinary feat"

"From Banking to Medicine" "Retired deputy manager at SBI, Jay Kishore pursued his lifelong dream"

"Unfulfilled Aspirations" "Despite a banking career, the dream of becoming a doctor lingered"

"Seizing the Moment" "After retirement in 2016, Pradhan found an unexpected chance"

"Chasing the Dream" "Jay Kishore Pradhan's decision to pursue medicine at 64"

"Hard Work Rewarded" "Pradhan's story: a testament to persistence and determination"

"Living Dreams at Any Age" "Jay Kishore Pradhan's story is a reminder that dreams have no expiry date."