Charul Honariya: A NEET Success Story"

Meet Charul Honariya, a girl from Kartarpur village in Uttar Pradesh, who conquered NEET against all odds.

Charul's father, a small farmer, sustained a family of seven on a meager monthly income of Rs 8000, setting a challenging stage for her ambitions.

"Despite financial constraints, Charul dreamt of becoming a doctor. She started honing her skills in Class 6 and began her NEET journey in Class 10."

Charul faced financial struggles but secured a scholarship for NEET coaching, showcasing her determination to achieve her goals.

With diligence, Charul scored an impressive 93% in Class 12, emerging as a top performer in her district.

Despite initial setbacks, Charul remained resolute in her pursuit of cracking NEET and securing admission to AIIMS New Delhi.

After an unsatisfactory first attempt, Charul's perseverance led her to an outstanding score of 680/720 in NEET 2020, securing an All-India Rank of 631.

Charul's hard work paid off as she secured a spot at AIIMS New Delhi, realizing her dream of becoming a doctor.

Charul Honariya's journey embodies determination, resilience, and unwavering dedication, serving as an inspiration to all aspiring students.